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Petersburg Alumnae Chapter
 Committees, Chairs & Co-Chairs

Committees of the Five Point Programmatic Thrust


Economic Development:

  Debra Jones


          ·  Habitat for Humanity:


Educational Development: 

          ·  Book Buddies:

                Kathleen Murphy
         ·  D.A.R.E. (Delta Adventures in Reading Enrichment)

                Nancy Walden

          ·  Delta G.E.M.S. (Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully):

                LaGrace Roberts-Harvey (Chair) 

                Jevon Jefferson (Co-Chair)

          ·  May Week:

               Polly Brown (Chair)

          ·  PSAT/SAT:

                Sharon Yates (Chair)

          ·  Scholarships:

                 Debbie Semien (Chair)

                 Jamie Porter Co-Chair



Physical and Mental Health:

Stacey Everett (Chair)

Tanya Satterwhite (Co-Chair)

Political Awareness & Involvement:

          Anna Bradley (Chair)

          Angela Bennett (Co-Chair)

International Awareness & Involvement:

Pamela Hyndman (Chair)


Standing and Special Committees

Arts & Letters:

   Seneta Burns (Chair)


   Nikki Rhue Hicks (Chair) 

   Vonzella Vincent (Co-Chair) 


Collegiate Transition Task Force:

   Jessica Drew (Chair)


   Esther Forrest Hines (Chair)

Internal Audit:

   Angela Sampson-Scott (Chair)


Membership Services:

   Veida Evans (Chair)



   Evelyn Storrs (Chair)   


Pan Hellenic Council Representative:

   Rasheena Rippey (Chair)

   Jameka Hyndman (Co-Chair)

 Policies and Procedures:

   Vivian Williams (Chair)

   Natalie Pennywell (Co-Chair)


Project 13 (P 13) Coordinator:


Protocol & Traditions:

   Thelma W. Wyatt (Chair)

Risk Management:

     Sherri B. Jones (Chair)

Salvation Army Bell Ringers Coordinator:

   Carolyn Bailey (Chair)

Sister to Sister / Hospitality / Hostesses:

   Lottie Holzendorf (Chair)   


   Latrice Carter (Chair)



Ways & Means:

  Jeanine Harris Townes (Chair)





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